Thursday, June 5, 2008

ETD 2009 is coming!

Tim Dellyannides, Information Systems leader at the U. of Pittburgh Library System, and John Hagan from the U. of West Virginia Libraries, were in the poster area to promote ETD 2009, co-sponsored by their library systems. The 2009 conference will be held June 10 – 13 at the University of Pittsburgh in Pittsburgh, PA, U.S.A.

ETD 2009 will provide a forum to:
  • Share the secrets of successful ETD, institutional repositories and open access programs.
  • Learn about new developments related to ETD authoring, archiving and dissemination.
  • Meet and discuss ETD challenges and issues with peer participants in your region.
  • Build skills that will facilitate ETD implementation at your university.
  • Review issues that influence the success of your ETD program.
  • Share experiences and research with the ETD community.

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