Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Forthcoming ETD Articles

On the heels of ETD 2008 we have a couple of very nice forthcoming journal articles about ETDs - that should make for some excellent discussion at the conference and around the globe.

The first article will be published in the Chronicle of Higher Education in the coming week or so on the topic of ETDs, creative writing and publishing issues. The Chronicle published an article back in March about faculty and students at University of Iowa ready to revolt against a campus-wide mandate for open access ETDs. We brought into the discussion some rationality, hard data from case studies and success stories regarding open access ETDs, creative works and policy implications. I think you will all be very pleasantly surprised at the results. I don't know if we've won this battle but we surely made some good points.

The second article will be published in Information World Review in June, just in time to coincide with ETD 2008. The topic will be on the history of ETDs and the NDLTD, the importance of ETDs in scholarly communications and the significance of sponsored programs like the "ETD Awards Powered by Scirus". Nothing really controversial here, but the coverage for the ETD movement will be phenomenal - IWR is the leading information science related journal published out of the UK. Many thanks to the folks at Reed Elsevier for lining this up!


- John Hagen
NDLTD Board of Directors

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